Piano and Your Child’s Brain

The piano is a beautiful instrument that requires rhythm, discipline, memory, and motor skills. Aside from sounding beautiful when played correctly, teaching your child piano can have even better benefits. Music generally has many cognitive advantages for children. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the great benefits musical instruments, such as the piano have to offer your children.

What are the Cognitive Benefits of Playing the Piano

There are many cognitive benefits to learning to play the piano. As your brain works to not only remember the notes on a keyboard but how your brain signals to press on the pedal as well. Learning piano is a great way to encourage your child’s brain to develop strong synapses and learn new material. For example, most of the skills developed when learning piano comes from practice and memory.

Encourage Concentration

When your child learns piano, they are also learning a sense of concentration. For instance, when a new student learns a song, they must concentrate on where they place their fingers, the shape of their fingers, and when they should properly hit each of the piano keys. All of this occurs simultaneously and requires focus.
Any musical instrument, but especially piano, requires focus and an ability to multitask. Of course, multitasking isn’t a tangible trait, but it can be used for many scenarios outside of music. For instance, multitasking can be used in school and life in general.

Teach Discipline

Piano teaches children discipline. After all, you won’t be any good at the piano if you don’t practice. This lesson rings true in a lot of things in life; without practice, you will never be able to perfect anything. Piano follows this principle closely and demands a level of discipline in order to practice and memorize the notes of a song.

Grow Memory Skills

Piano encourages children to strengthen their memory skills. A lot about piano is about being able to memorize chords and the portions of a song. So much of our lives are governed by our ability to remember. For instance, learning is predominantly a memory game. The more you can remember, the more information you will know and the smarter you will be. This concept is not different for children. If they are encouraged to strengthen their memory skills, they will be more equipped to remember other bits of information as well.

Improve Motors Skills

Motor skills, especially muscle memory, are both key pieces to learning the piano. Kids can use these skills for a lot more than just learning to play the piano. Muscle memory and motor skills are both important to increase reflexes, stamina, and so much more.

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