Harmonica is Fun. It just is.

Join us for our NEW group class to learn just how much!

FREE Demo Classes March 6 and 13- 6:00-6:30 –PLEASE CALL 630-257-6964 to RSVP

What: HarmonicaSchool -Group Harmonica Class

Who: Students 7-11 years old

When: Wednesdays 6:00-6:30pm March 20-May 29 (10 Classes)

Location: Allegro Lemont

Tuition: $179.00 (Includes Harmonica)

Stir your child’s musical curiosity with group harmonica lessons from Allegro Music & Dance Academy!

This group instruction is the perfect option for younger kids to develop their musical abilities before they jump right into lessons, or it’s a great fun and relaxed option to supplement with the other music and dance programs we offer. 

Why harmonica lessons?

The harmonica is a fun instrument that sounds good and let’s kids’ musical imagination run wild! They can play it freely while still learning about the four basic techniques.

The Basic Techniques of Harmonica

Watch your child expand their musical skills by learning and improving on basic harmonica skills including:

  • How to hold the harmonica
  • Hand effects
  • Single notes
  • Breathing techniques
  • Bending

Why group harmonica lessons?

Any group musical instruction can be beneficial for kids, including learning how to play the harmonica! The biggest takeaways include:

Enhanced confidence – If you have a shy or more introverted kid, playing with others in a group can help build their confidence by helping them get comfortable in front of others.

A “no pressure” environment – These lessons are fun and there’s no pressure in our group harmonica lessons. Sometimes kids can feel nervous in one-on-one lessons, so here the stress is alleviated because the environment is more laid back. 

Connection and socialization – Group harmonica classes not only help kids learn a new musical skill, but they meet new kids and make new friends. 

Teamwork – In group music lessons, such as learning to play the harmonica, this requires kids to cooperate and learn how to work together. From playing different parts of a song and playing games to providing feedback or help, your child will learn how to support the group’s learning. 

For more information on our harmonica school, reach out and connect with us today!

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